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This study examines the production of consonant clusters in simultaneous Polish English cheap osrs gold bilingual children and in language matched English monolinguals (aged 7;01 8;11). Selection of the language pair was based on the fact that Polish allows a greater range of phonologically complex cluster types than English. A nonword repetition task was devised in order to examine clusters of different types (obstruent liquid vs. s + obstruent) and in different word positions (initial vs. Kirk Demuth, 2005). Our findings show that bilingual children outperformed monolingual controls in the word initial s + obstruent condition. These results indicate that exposure to complex word initial clusters (in Polish) can accelerate the development of less phonologically complex clusters (in English). This constitutes significant new evidence that the facilitatory effects of bilingual acquisition extend to structural phonological domains.


While the 4K screen is ridiculously sharp, I'm not convinced anyone needs that kind of resolution on a laptop this size. It's really overkill, and I'd take the Quad HD model over it for the sake of longer battery life. I'm also not a fan of the thick bezel around the screen; it makes the screen look even smaller than it really is.

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The studies in this thesis demonstrate for the first time that voluntary limit setting, interactive pop up messages, and personalized feedback can affect player behaviour positively in a real world environment. The studies also demonstrate differences among subpopulations of players. It is almost impossible to uncover such insights in laboratory settings or with self recollected information because a longer history of playing behaviour is necessary in order to extract player profiles.

A good indicator I find for how much I likea game is how much I want to collect all achievements and achieve 100%, as by doing so I should discover most of the content. Including Skyrim, I only managed this feat seven times although some games are just evil! Ahem Civ 5. The hard part was that it wasn until Christmas that I did finally play it, I not going to lie, from then onwards that Christmas was not as family focused as it perhaps should have been!

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